Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Letter 2016


Eric is working hard in his own law practice and sits as a judge pro tem in the Salt Lake City small claims every once in while. Eric and his brother Mike took their Dad to Comicon to meet William Shatner, but Shatner turned out to be a major jerk---he wouldn't hold the tribbles. Henry Winkler was nice though so a thumbs up for that. Pun intended. Skydiving with Reagan and her boyfriend Lincoln was fun and the only scary part was watching Reagan jump out of the airplane. His long-standing dream is to take each girl skydiving for their 18th birthday. One down. Pun intended. (written by Eric)

As for me, my goals were to spend more family time and I'm so glad we did.  I have great memories of 2016, loads of pics I will probably never get around to actually downloading them.  But I have them.  
Just a few months ago I started teaching classes I created for those with chronic illnesses.  I feel very blessed to be able to do what I do.  Next year I will be heading up the Tooele MS support group.  Believe or not I've actually cut back on fitness classes, though it doesn't sound like it.  
My second and perfect fit of a job is being the Program Coordinator for Stansbury Park Community Association.  I get to plan, organize, and develop events for our community.  (No its not an HOA, lol)
I've been to almost all Reagan's games to watch her cheer, all Madison's dance performances, Nicole's choir concerts, and our fun adventures with Ava. Highlights for me this year, staying healthy, the rollercoaster in Park City with Cari Mcbride, going to Maroon 5 concert with my sister, and Eric pulling off an epic 22nd Anniversary by taking us to Boise to see my favorite band Toad the Wed Sprocket, who put on a meet and greet with a private show for us, and then running into Toad's awesome guitar playing during breakfast the next day.  I'm a geek, I'm fine with it.


Seriously this girl of ours, just amazing.  We flew to California last spring for her Senior Trip to do Disney Land with our friends.  Reagan, Lincoln and Eric went skydiving to celebrate graduating.  She just finished her first semester at Snow College and is a cheerleader for the Snow College Cheer Stunt team.  She manages long practice hours, rushing off to classes, and is doing so good on her own.  Thankfully she came home a lot of weekends.  I've gotten in trouble more than once for missing her too much.  I'm thankful she found good friends and is having the time of her life.  

                                                                Nicole- 17

Nicole has what I call the perfect Senior Year.  She's gorgeous, doesn't know it, has the best of friends, and loves the gospel.  She is on High School Show Choir, Women's Advanced Choir, and TA for Concert Choir. Its her 4th year in French and she's president of the French Club. Oh, and she is teaching herself to speak Japanese. Nicole will soon be teaching kids beginning piano to earn money for her Choir trip this spring. Her high school will be going to Disney Land to perform.  


We can't wait for that blessed day when this girl can get her license next year, we spend a lot of time driving to practices.  She dances on 2 teams for high school, a pre-professional team in Salt Lake, works when she has the opportunity, and sleeps whenever she can.  Her day can start at 6 am and not be done till 10 pm.  And she loves it! My job is to have the pasta ready. Dad's job is to get her where she needs to be on time. Maddie had the opportunity to train and perform in LA this past July.   Madison loves to knit and draw in her spare time.  She has a real talent for puns.  Once on a roll... well you just have to experience it for yourself.  We are so proud of her for reaching for her dreams.


Ava started Jr High this year.  Gotta love a kid who just wants to be a kid.  She is no longer playing soccer but wants to try a lot of new things to stay active.  In August she did her first Kids Spartan Mud Run and will be doing the Stansbury Park Polar Plunge Jan 2nd.  Ava is in the drama club at school, loves to skateboard, and started to learn how to cross stitch.  We love to go hiking, running, biking, and paddle boarding on the lake.  

As a family we did a few small trips this year.  Kolab Canyon, The Arches, 4th of July in Boise, Thanksgiving in Boise, and lots of trips to Ephraim to watch Reagan Cheer. We weren't without our challenges this year but we have never been closer as a family.  The gospel is true, we have felt of our Saviors love for us, and hope we can be an instrument in bringing happiness to those around us.  Have a wonderful Christmas.

The Stephenson Family

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